Assembly and Disassembly Mold and other bulky components should be very careful to ensure production Secondly, operating process: Do not cancel the role of the security door just for the sake of convenience.htm

Firstly, operation: Check the electrical control box to confirm if there is water or oil entering the plastic injection molding machine, and if the electrical damp, do not turn it on. Focus on adjusting the travel limit switch to avoid impacting on the machine in action. Check whether the supply voltage is in standard, and generally should not exceed 15%.plastic molding machine has a good adaptability of various plastic processing with high production capacity, and easy to automate. To cover the heat Ketchup Packing Machine shield on the barrel, so you can save energy and can extend the life of the electric coil and current contactor. Pay attention to observing the temperature of the oil pressure, oil temperature do not exceed the limits prescribed. In the day of rapid development of the plastics industry, injection molding machine occupies an important position not only in number but also in kinds, thus becoming the fastest growing and the production of the largest models kinds in the plastic machinery

Notes for Operating Injection Molding Machine

Developing good habits of the injection molding machine operator will greatly benefits both improving the life of the machine and production safety.

Our main products consist of Vertical type & Horizontal type plastic injection molding machine and silicone injection molding machine. Check whether there Tea Bag Packing Machine is lubricant (grease) in the various moving parts, and add a little oil. Check whether the cooling pipe is smooth. The plant must be equipped with lifting equipment. The holding time will vary based on the requirements of the different devices and plastic materials.

Work at the End of the Work

Prior to shutdown, the plastic of the barrel should be cleaned to prevent oxidation or long-term thermal decomposition leftover material.
Introduction of Injection Molding Machine

Injection molding machine can form plastic product with complex appearance, exact size or dense texture with a metal insert and it is widely used in defense, electromechanical, automotive, transportation, building materials, packaging, agriculture, education, health and all areas of people's daily life. The injection molding machine products have been used widely on plastic lines such as Automotive industry, Baby Accessories, Toy industry, Electronic connector industry, Stationery industry, Mobile accessories and Commodity industry, etc. The ideal working temperature of the hydraulic oil should be maintained at between 45 ~ 50 "', generally it is more appropriate in the range of 35 ~ 60 "'. When the temperature meets the requirements, and then incubated for a period of time, so that the machine temperature stabilized. Dry the electrical parts by maintenance personnel before turning on power. Open the mold, so that the toggle mechanism will stay in the locked state for a long time. Verify that the rotational direction of the motor and the pump are the same. Turn on the electric, heating barrel. Check whether the emergency stop switch, front and rear safety door switch are normal