Environmental problems can be dwindled with growing use of tools converting waste into solid fuel. As a foremost benefit raw material up to 25 mm size can be used without grinding which saves power and labor expenses. After collecting powder form, it is directly passed to the Briquetting Machine.

Hammer Mill:

The model chops the agriculture and forestry waste into granular size.

Jumbo 90:

Jumbo 90 as the first launched Briquetting Machine India, made with super-quality parts ensures best performance with lowest operating cost. The production cost is dwindled by 35-40 % as compare to Super 60 Briquetting Machine India. At Radhe Industrial Corporation being well-famed supplier, get the superior quality equipment to generate renewable source of energy. The govt. The final material is used directly to produce briquettes. of India declared range of incentives and tax relaxations to promote entrepreneurs to develop substitute source of energy.


The cutter is generally used to crush the raw material having size 25-50 mm. Since 2 decades Radhe Industrial Corporation is holding a hand to provide world-class Super 70 plant in India. Cotton stalks and tree barks are common waste for which cutter is must. Bio-fuel is a wonderful alternative approach to clean the environment through innovative technology. The model is best suitable where production rate is high.

Super 70:

Super 70 offered by briquetting machine Suppliers, is the perfect choice for medium scale production. Briquetting Machine is a technology driven method that converts industrial, agriculture and forestry waste into solid fuel. Raw material up to 10-12 mm size can be used directly. More often crusher is needed for straw type waste. Seeing as an environmental prospective the consumption rate of fossil fuel has risen fourfold.

Benefits of setting up your own Briquetting Press Machine,
Earn money from waste
Produce renewable source of energy
Saving of foreign currency
Completely environment friendly
Cost effective
No chances of Pollution
Bio-Briquettes are commonly known as White Coal’ used in various industries like Ceramic Units, Flow Packing Machine Brick Kilns, Paper Mills, Spinning Mills, Solvent Extraction Plants, Rubber and Leather Industry, Textile Mills, Chemical Plants Food Processing Units and many more. The waste with 0-100 mm range is fed in the conveyor. Gains from Liquid Packing Machine utilization of biomass raw-material,
Less waste management
Decreased pollution
Decreased greenhouse gases emissions
Less consumption of non-renewable energy (fossil fuels)
Decreased speed of global-warming
Biomass briquettes are the final output which is substitute of the coal, wood and lignite.

Flash Air Dryer:

The machine is used to dry chopped material with the size of 0-25 mm; like sawdust, bagasse, paddy straw, jute, wheat straw, coir pith which contain moisture from 30-35 %. The dryer can reduce the moisture up to 20 %.
With today’s ever-changing carbon emission standards it’s rigorously needed to generate alternative eco-fuel. Briquetting machine suppliers are in great demand in India and across the world because of offering cost effective and eco-friendly product. Briquetting Machine Suppliers manufacture 5 different customized briquetting press models named Jumbo 90, Super 70, Flash air dryer, Crusher/Cutter and Hammer mill