When considering all the logistics that go into the start-up of a vending business, one of the big questions you must answer is how you will store your machines while you are trying to land the great locations for those machines.  There are a few different options out there. We’d like to share some information on each of those options with you. Depending on your situation, one or more of these may be right for you.

The first option is that you could have the machines shipped to a warehouse that stores business equipment.  Many of the big vending franchises utilize this approach.  It is convenient but it comes with a large price tag.  The warehouse will typically charge you thirty-five to forty dollars per month to store each machine.  They can often deliver the machine direct to the location for around three hundred dollars as well.  We have connections and we can offer this option if you are interested in this.

The second option is that you could have the machines shipped right to your house and store them in your garage. This is a nice option because it is free. You can also play around with those machines right there at your home, which is great if you are new to the business. The downfall of this option is that the machines will take up your car space, which is valuable real estate.