Bead blasting: In this blasting, fine Vacuum Machine particles of glass are used instead of sand for blasting. Depending on the equipment used, This process can also be used to change the surface coating or the texture of metal for enhancing its appearance so that it can also be used as decorative piece.

It is also called as pressure washing or sand blasting depending on nature of material used or blast equipment. Sand blasting machine or Shot Peening Machine are used for this purpose. It is useful to customers for their industrial preparation, home and apartment renovations, cleaning and painting needs. This blasting is used for cleaning floors of swimming pool and clean paint from automobiles.

Shot blasting machine use techniques of different types which are been used for different industrial purposes:
Abrasive blasting: In this method, abrasive materials like sand, high pressure air, water or small glass particle is sprayed at high speed on metal which needs to be polished or cleaned. The 'shot' is generally made up of materials like silicon carbide, sand or small steel balls based on type of rust, scale, paint etc which are required to be separated from the metal surface.

Sand blasting or Shot peening is a procedure to Tea Bag Packing Machine change a metallic surface or to remove substances from any metallic surface by using devices like spinning paddles, air gums etc. High amount of noise is produced by these Shot, therefore protective equipment-noise mufflers must be used. This procedure helps in removing graffiti from wall, paint from cars, surface finishing, clean mold from different surfaces.

The purpose of Shot blasting machine is for the cleaning of metal surface.

Grit blasting: In this type, medium used for the purpose of blasting is fine sand particles.

During the process of shot blasting, few precautions should be taken. For example: The operators operating the Shot blasting machine must wear protective equipment such as masks, gloves etc. The process is used for various kinds of applications. This blasting is used for smoothing the rough metallic surface. Other organic and environment friendly materials like basking soda can be used as blasting medium.

Shot Peening Machine is often used by Shipyards for cleaning the hull of the ship. Grit blasting is used for a frosted effect on metal or for cleaning off the paint from metallic surface. It is also widely used for cleaning of swimming pools. Once procedure of sandblasting gets completed, you must get the machine checked properly by an expert who can make sure that all nozzles and equipment are in good and safe conditions. So that it can act as safeguard during any kind of accident or mishappening.
Today numerous procedures are developed for the purpose of cleaning like Bead blasting, High Pressure cleaning through steam, Wheel blasting, Hydro blasting, Automated blasting, Dry blasting through ice etc. Personnel’s who are well trained must only be allowed to perform operations of such machines because metals such as cadmium, lead are extremely toxic