We take pride in having a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who take care of all our customer needs. Hundreds of satisfied customers across the country vouch for our products’ quality and service support. S. V. Garment Machineries has been widely known as one of the successful Dry Cleaning Machine Manufacturers.

The countable features of Industrial Liquid Packing Machine. consumption of less solvent, electricity, easy to operate and low maintenance cost has attracted various national as well as international clients to place bulk orders. Moreover, the Laundry Dry Cleaning Machine is available in varied specifications to meet the requisites of the clients.

We manufacture two different models of Dry Cleaning Machines. The first type of Dry Cleaning Machine is using the Perchloro Ethylene Solvent to ensure clean, fresh and lively results on garments called the Dry Cleaning Machine PERC and the second type of Dry Cleaning Machine is comprising a built-in extraction system, which helps in restricting dripping and useless wastage. Further, this type of Dry Cleaning Machine includes a built-in filtration system which allows the recovery of clean solvent and its subsequent reuse.

Our Dry Cleaning Machine is designed to provide optimum dry cleaning for fabrics. SVGM’s Industrial Washing Machines, Dry Cleaning Machines have electric or steam heating closed circuit with Copeland scroll refrigerator and heating pump. The Dry Cleaning Machines (svgm) provides optimum dry cleaning of the fabrics.